RESTORING EARTH EXHIBIT at the Field Museum explore themes of conservation and environmental stewardship, both around the world and close to home.

While working at BLUECADET I worked on helping design, test, and create The Field Museum's website. The result is an eye-catching, responsive, and intuitive website that can showcase creative content while providing easy access to important information. This personality quiz matches visitors up with objects from the exhibition, creating personalized “Mini-collections” for each visitor which can then be shared or viewed later online.


This interactive kiosk gives visitors the opportunity, not only to create a customized memento highlighting items from the exhibition, but also to share it with friends and family. Visitors answer a series of personality questions which match them up to items from the exhibition. Once an answer is selected, visitors can learn more about each object. They can also customize the shape, number of items and color of the collection’s container to give it a custom look.



On the website users can search for the collection they created during their visit to the museum by name, date or their email address. They can also browse through all the other collections which have been created, giving them a look at the objects not matched with their personality. Users of the website also have a range of sharing options, including Facebook and Twitter.

On the website users can see everyone’s collections, find out what percent of visitors made the same choices they did, learn about all of the objects, and can “like” their favorite collections. They can also access additional educational resources not available in the exhibition space, letting users continue to engage with the themes and messages of the exhibition at their own pace.

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