THE NATIONAL PASTIME MUSEUM'S mission is to educate the public about the history of baseball and the people who influenced the game by using a collection of baseball artifacts, artworks, literature, photographs, memorabilia, and articles in a fun and creative way.

While working at BLUECADET I was helped design, test, and create The National Pastime Museum's website. The result is an eye-catching, responsive, and intuitive website that can showcase creative content while providing easy access to important information. The National Pastime Museum is an online museum based on a private collection of baseball artifacts. The love of the game and its history prompted the creation of this site. It serves as a way to share this significant collection with the public and to facilitate a conversation about the role baseball continues to play in our lives and in our nation’s history.

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Founding director Frank Ceresi passed away in January 2014. He helped shape this private collection and developed the design and content of the website. His love of the game and its history runs throughout this museum and we continue his efforts as we evolve and grow. We welcome your comments and ideas for making The National Pastime Museum a place you enjoy visiting to learn from and engage with the great game of baseball.

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